ATTENTION: MEN in Singapore !

FINALLY, some FACTS about Singapore red light district.

I heard lorongs 14-18 were the best for Vietnamese girls. Is this still true?

Is it true that local police are aggressively targeting foreign men for arrest?

Are girls working on Keong Saik & Desker Roads tested for HIV?

These are just some of the dozens of questions I get every week. And unless you’ve spent time in Geylang in the past month or so, some of the answers will probably surprise you! My name is Rodney Colter, and ever since first visiting Geylang in 1996, I’ve been fascinated by the vibrant scene here, a dynamic mix of pleasures and dangers that is both rewarding and challenging!

UNHAPPY ENDING: Singapore parlour raid victim.

Newcomers to Geylang are often confused for their first several days. Are the even numbered buildings brothels? And the odd are commercial properties? Which girls are licensed / regulated / HIV tested? Do police actively pursue the customers? Or just the working girls? And finally, where are the high quality girls to be found?!

Are The Girls Pictured On Singapore Websites REAL?

Let me get this one out of the way. Singapore escort / massage agencies are known throughout Asia as extremely misleading. These services will show you whatever it takes to get your business, and I highly strongly advise you to ignore these advertisements completely.

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Updated August 2018!